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Our Industry Is in Crisis


The portable fuel container manufacturing industry as we know it is fast approaching a point of no return. Our industry has been swamped by product liability lawsuits that threaten our ability to continue doing business.

The largest manufacturer of consumer gas cans sold in the U.S. closed last summer under the weight of litigation primarily characterized by product misuse. As other manufacturers step up production to meet consumer demand, their exposure to risk will escalate along with market share.

While the purchase of the Blitz USA manufacturing assets by a former competitor, Scepter, provides an opportunity to restore manufacturing capacity within a relatively short time frame - the future of consumer gas cans remains uncertain. This is a major consumer safety issue too. If gas cans aren’t available, consumers will find more dangerous ways to transport fuel. We will return to a time when people stored gasoline in milk jugs or coolers, putting themselves and everyone around them at risk.

The remaining manufacturers must be safeguarded to protect an industry that is vital to public safety. The Portable Fuel Container Manufacturers Association is asking congressional leaders to support recently filed legislation that will stabilize the business environment by making voluntary product standards mandatory – and keep consumers safer by giving them reasonable options for transporting and storing fuel.


Why We Need Regulation

The CPSC has twice refused to mandate product safety standards – concluding that misuse, not the product, created risk. But without mandated standards, the gas can industry is exposed to too much liability.

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Public Safety Impacts

A shortage of gas cans presents significant public safety concerns. Without safe, portable fuel containers, consumers would be forced to resort to discarded containers to transport gasoline – going backwards 30 years in time in terms of safety.

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